Aluminum Manufacturer Switches to Manual Operations after Cyber Attack by Ransomware


Norsk Hydro is one of the world’s largest aluminum producer, which has to shut down some of its production parts due to a cyber attack. This is the first time a cyber attack has shut down the world’s mega industry and its production operations.

The company has also put a warning board for each employee asking them not to connect with the Internet until the issue is resolved. The cyber attack was confirmed by the Norks Hydro’s team at their headquarters in Oslo, Norway March 19, 2019.

The company has to shut down the production departments which transform aluminum ingots for the different industries to make parts of the automobile industry, construction industry and many other industries. The main department was largely maintained by manual tasks and manpower. The departments which were running through computers and software were shut down by the company to avoid further damages by the cyber attack.

The Aluminum giant has also shared a press release confirming the attack of this dangerous Ransomware to their system. The company has confirmed that they have shut down a few computerized production departments and switched them to manual operations until the issue is fixed.

This cyber attack should not be ignored and has to resolve as soon as possible, as it can attack many other industries worldwide which can disturb the operations of many mega industries. The company has also confirmed that the entire worldwide network of their company is temporarily shut down due to this cyber attack and hence they have to shut down all the Internet-based production operations in countries like Norway, Qatar, and Brazil.

During the Press Conference, the Norwegian National Security Authority has condemned this cyber attack and assure the company that they will try their level best to resolve this issue. They have also ensured that they are cooperating with other networks and industries to identify and locate it. They are in contact with other International Agencies for the same. They will soon come up with a permanent solution to prevent such cyber attacks.

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