Alleged Fortnite Season 7 Trailer Leaked on Reddit


A trailer for the popular Fortnite game’s 7th season has apparently been leaked on the internet, but the people are refusing to believe it and consider it to be fake.

It all started with a Reddit post, which is quite common when it comes to leaks, a user suitably named FortniteLeakInfo added the concerned Fortnite seventh season trailer to the FotniteBR subreddit. The user account FortniteLeakInfo has not posted anything apart from the “trailer.” This account was made just a week ago and contains no other activity other than the video.

The trailer spares no effort in presenting itself as the actual official video while being a trailer recorded with an unsteady camera and poor audio. The watermark present in the centre is also quite a widespread custom of Fortnite gamers who do not want anybody else to reuse their creation in the Fornite compilations and other such stuff.

If it is not a real trailer – and a lot of comments centered in the game’s community on Twitter and Reddit support that it is an excellent effort at creating what might be misjudged as an official Fortnite trailer. The video starts with a handful of airplanes hovering above, and the video seems to be taking to advantage certain data mined records that signified a new transport may be coming to Fortnite, likely an airplane.

The person who created it has included skins from the 6th season in the trailer such as the Calamity and A.I.M. outfit skins beside the Castor and Elmira outfits. The ending of the trailer shows a snowstorm that is advancing the map of Fortnite. But the snowstorm that approaches the map segment of the video may not be a part of the new Fortnite season, irrespective of the genuineness of the trailer.

However, certain sections of the video make the video look fake, users touched on. If one looks closely at the older official trailer for the series, then one will notice that the “leaked” trailer does not seem to hold up quality-wise.

The seventh season of Fortnite will be starting two days from now, on December 5. Therefore, while several individuals have already decided that the leaked video is bogus, the truth will soon be uncovered when the official trailer rolls out. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates.

Fortnite Trailer Season 7 from FortNiteBR

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