All You Need to Know About GPS Phone Tracking Software


Almost all mobile phones these days include built-in GPS navigation modules, that you can use for various tasks, the most important ones are for tracking locations with tracking services.

By using GPS technology, it’s possible to not only find the route and other related information and facts but can also monitor the phone at the same time.

An interesting study that I have read ever in my life is “Tracking the Trackers”, the study conducted when there were many complaints about the privacy issues of the users.

 Before discussing the functionality of GPS tracking, you need to be well acquainted with the phone trackers using which you can track the exact location of the target phones, this article “” lists some of the best apps to use and compares all by features, pros and cons.

What You Need to Know About GPS Phone Tracking Application

As I stated earlier, these days, the majority of smartphones have built-in GPS navigation modules, but taking full advantage of the GPS feature requires some applications, and this is exactly where the free GPS navigation phone tracking application makes an entry. There are different suppliers who develop applications that can easily be used to monitor phones without cost, albeit the free variants have a couple of restrictions.

Image source:  – Main Reference from the study “Tracking the Trackers” ( The fig shows the top companies who are facilitating the third parties of phone tracking to provide the mainstream data of activities.)

Such software programs should be installed on the particular phone in question before it is started to be monitored, and likewise, to the particular monitoring features, you also get an array of creative options as well. On the other hand, the most important question that could have risen in mind is, possibly, about the particular use of the application.

To avoid this question coming to your mind, here are some easy to use and popular GPS phone tracking application available for free download.

  • Find My iPhone
  • Prey (freemium)
  • BuddyWay
  • Plan BMologogo

Tracking A Phone for Free: How to Do It

So, you’ve found the right application, and have installed it on the phone! Now how do you use it?

First, certainly, you need the right application and a phone with GPS navigation features to install the application on to.

After that, you have to install the application on the phone that you want to track and run it. These days, the majority of smartphones have multitasking abilities, therefore once you run the software, it can easily be kept, and will certainly need to be kept, active in the background.

The application then keeps track of the location and some other information (depending on the software program you use), and uploads the information regularly to a hosting server, from where it can be reached.

Depending on the application, different information such as weather, distance, location, etc., can easily be tracked. With a paid application, even things like sent or received SMS, call history, and email history can easily be monitored. This information can easily be checked in Google Maps, and it is accurate.

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