After Two Years Destiny TTRPG Dungeons & Destiny Has Reached V 1.0


This week, a group of Destiny fans released the of their pen and paper RPG system modeled on Dungeons and Dragons 5E and modified to work with the classes and world of the Destiny series. Dungeons and Destiny has been in the works for , and is “almost a complete overhaul of the entire [5th Edition] system,” according to , one of the creators.

To fully capture the feel of Destiny, the D&Destiny creators altered and added quite a bit. The 1.0 release includes nine character classes from both the original Destiny and Destiny 2: Gunslinger, Nightstalker, Sunbreaker, Voidwalker, Defender, Bladedancer, Striker, Sunsinger, and Stormcaller. Each of these classes also has three unique archetypes. The Stasis classes introduced in the new Beyond Light expansion for Destiny too are also scheduled to be added once the Bestiary of the Wilds and Architect’s Guide supplements have also reached 1.0.

The races that populate Destiny will also be present in this ttrpg, with racial attributes for the three branches of humanity (human, Exo, Awoken) and the five alien species (Cabal, eliksni, Vex, psion, krill). Every race has two or three variations you can choose from. And of course, Destiny wouldn’t be complete without an arsenal of space aged weapons, vehicles, and items. D&Destiny boasts 14 firearms and combat bows, and has a weapon upgrade system that allows players to select their own weapon perks, including melee weapons. There’s a brand new section covering equipment your Guardian might need or encounter like jumpships and patrol beacons.

While the Bestiary of the Wilds, which covers the enemies players may encounter, and the Architect’s Guide, which is an overview of Destiny’s lore, aren’t quite finished yet, they’re still available to download for free, along with the Player’s Handbook to help supplement early sessions as players start out.

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