Adobe Has New AI Powered Tool to Detect Photoshopped Images


With the increased popularity of social networks, there are people who love to post photoshopped images and edited videos to gain more lights from followers and friends. But hey, here’s a new tool from Adobe that can detect whether the images are photoshopped or not. Yes, you heard that right. Adobe is developing a tool to detect photoshopped and edited images.

Photoshop is undoubtedly the primary tool to makeover or to change your photos and imagery quickly. You can actually do a lot of things on the images using this tool.

Well, Adobe is developing an AI Powered tool that can detect a manipulated imagery and reverse it with the original one. Yes, it will become possible through the new Artificial Intelligence technology.

Adobe is coming up with something new this time just to make people aware of not using their tools for social media and other irrelevant platforms. Photoshop already has a built-in image recognition tool to prevent scanning bank notes and other critical documents.

And now, the giant is developing a tool to eliminate faked images and videos from social networks and other platforms.

The new Photoshop tool will work with a hyper-specific task to detect a photoshopped image. Photoshop has its own Face Aware Liquify Tool to makeover your face and to add or enhance its image. Now, the giant is taking a U-turn and launching a tool to remove photoshop effects from the original images.

To make things possible, Adobe has collaborated with colleagues from UC Berkeley for training a neural network. This will work with both, before and after images of using Photoshop tools.

Furthermore, the company has said that they are just developing this tool and there is no aim behind it. They are not in a hurry to launch it immediately. They will spend more time researching new things and then will launch a completely stable version for the public.

The new tool will work on new algorithms developed by the team of engineers with the help of the latest technologies. The developers are also very anxious to come up with a stable version to change the entire era of photoshopping.

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