A Teacher Season 2 Won’t Happen, According to Kate Mara


A Teacher’s Kate Mara explains why the show has reached its end and what she hopes can be taken away from the series despite it not getting season 2.

Any speculation about the continuation of the FX on Hulu series A Teacher can be put to rest as one of its stars and executive producers, Kate Mara says the limited series will not continue on for a second season. A Teacher was adapted by Hannah Fidell from her own 2013 film of the same name, examining an affair between a young high school teacher Claire and her student Eric, played by Nick Robinson. The show ended on what could have been interpreted as an open note with a ten-year-flashforward and an unresolved relationship between the two characters, leaving fans wondering if there could be more to the story.

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Per The Wrap, Mara stated despite her own wishes that the show would carry on, A Teacher was always planned to be one and done, while also adding that she hopes the show will become a catalyst for telling diverse stories about sexual assault and manipulation. Mara’s full comment can be read below:

“I wish we were doing three more seasons of it, but I don’t know how we would continue unless there was no time passing at all, because we’re both playing sort of older than we are [at the end]….Hopefully it opens the door to breaking stereotypes and opens the door to telling more stories from different points of view. This one, specifically coming from the male victim’s point of view, which is very, very rare and important because then it makes it less, hopefully, less taboo for men who have had experiences where they are the so-called ‘survivor victim,’ that it’s less rare to talk about.”

Kate Mara A Teacher

A Teacher is known for being confined in its realism, with each episode beginning and ending with a content warning along with Fidell collaborating with RAINN to provide resources for viewers that are survivors of sexual assault. While it may be that such content could make the show difficult to watch, it seemed that it was important to Fidell that the show tell a truthful story on such a sensitive topic and handle that sensitivity carefully. A Teacher ends with Eric saying to Claire that they both have to live with what happened for the rest of their lives. While that does leave room for a potential second season, it could also be the only honest way to end the series for good.

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Source: The Wrap

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