A Beginner’s Guide to Small Business SEO (5 Simple Steps)


Internet or digital marketing is in the new form of promoting both small and large businesses. This approach includes utilizing tools and strategies available at your disposal to ensure that your business gets as much exposure as possible. These tools include social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, email, content creation, YouTube, and affiliate marketing among others. As a small business owner, embracing this strategy is inevitable if you want your business to grow. You do not have to be an expert in the industry. All you need to do is hire a reputable SEO agency to structure an effective plan for your business. Here are a few steps though that you ought to know regarding SEO for a small business

Create a Simple and Logical Website

The first step you need to get your business online is to create a website. The site will be your link with the online world. This site should be simple and logical. A simple and logical site is easy to navigate so that visitors who are also your prospective clients can see and understand the products and services you are offering. Just ensure that when adding subsequent pages after creating your site, they follow a logical sequence.

Ensure Your Site Does Not Contain Broken Links and Pages

Visitors to your site would love to see a streamlined site that flows from one page to another. Broken pages and links are an indication that you rarely update your site. If visitors encounter such a site, they will stop clicking on it and you will lose the much-needed traffic that helps to rank your page up the search engines. Ensure that you do not have links to dead pages to avoid losing link equity. Always update or correct important links that lead visitors to important information.

Include a Catching Meta Title on Every Page

Titles and keywords are vital to your website. You need to know based on your niche what the potential visitors are going to look or search for on the different search engines, and especially on Google. Ensure that every page on your site has such titles and descriptions, but ensure not to go above the required length and that you use appropriate keywords. These titles and keywords should act as click baits.

Have Clean and Nicely Written Content

You will need to have some content on your site describing your products and services to entice consumers. This content should be simple and direct. Visitors on these sites do not like a lot of literature as most like to quickly peruse as they search for information. The more direct your content, the more clicks and referrals you are likely to get to your site. Google will also determine your position on the search pages based on how well your content responds to popular queries.

List Your Business on Popular Sites to Get Good Citations

The more internet users mention your business or search for your business name online, the higher you will have your site rank on Google or any other search engine. These mentions are called citations and show that you are offering something valuable hence the need to appear on the first pages. 



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