9 Dreadful Website Design Mistakes To Avoid In 2021


Having an attractive, robust, and engaging website is incredibly important for all businesses today. However, mastering website design is not easy. A lot of companies struggle to have a design that helps them to engage traffic effectively and boosts conversions.

Even subtle web design mistakes can lead to major losses for your company. It may make it overwhelm your visitors, make it difficult for customers to understand your offerings or buy your products. Bad web design pushes customers away rather than attracting them. Hence, if you want to give your web traffic a boost, engage valuable leads, and enhance your customer rates, you have to avoid making certain web design mistakes.

Understanding web design mistakes and fixing them takes time. But it is not rocket science.  With smart efforts and usage of the right techniques, you can improve your website design, and subsequently witness a dramatic improvement in its traffic. This process starts with identifying each of the mistakes that are hurting your website. Nowadays, with the assistance of cross-browser testing tools like LambdaTest you can easily analyze the visual appeal of your website, identify the weak points and take proactive steps to correct those mistakes.

The majority of modern customers turn to the internet today to buy new products to discover new brands, and seek out innovative services. Hence, in 2021 your website design and responsiveness shall play a major role in either attracting customers or losing them out to fellow competitors.  So read on to find out the major website design mistakes that you should definitely avoid in the coming year:

  1. Low quality and irrelevant imagery: No visitor would like to browse through a website that simply has just huge paragraphs of text. Hence, the usage of attractive imagery is extremely important in web design. The phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words, holds a lot of truth when it comes to web design as well.  Images can help you to convey information to the visitors in a swift manner, even if they do not read all lines of text present on a web page.

Conversely, incorporating just any image in your website design is not right. It should be done smartly. While attractive and relevant images can both attract and engage visitors, sub-par ones can create a bad impression of your brand in their minds. Irrelevant images additionally would only confuse your visitors about the message you want to convey, making them frustrated and ultimately resulting in clicking off your website.  Hence, it is vital that you choose to only have images on your website that are of premium quality and are consistent with your brand.

  1. Proofreading errors and unreadable fonts: While proper imagery is a crucial website, so is written content. Your website must feature the needed details about your brand and its offerings, making written content indispensable. Making slight spelling or grammar mistakes in this content is quite normal, but even these small errors can undermine the professionalism of your brand in the eyes of your targeted visitors.  Moreover, certain unfortunate content errors can cause a lot of confusion for these visitors. It is important that you properly proofread all the content that is published on your website.

The fonts for this written content should also be chosen with a lot of care, and feature a good blend of aesthetics and practicality.  While you might be encouraged to use artistic swirly fonts on your page due to their attractiveness, it is important to note that such styles can be quite difficult to read. Hence, your focus must be to use fonts that are professional and easily readable.

  1. No responsive design: Not having a responsive website is undoubtedly among the biggest website design mistakes you can make.  With the number of people exploring the internet through their smartphone increasing with every passing day, you cannot afford to potentially lose out on such a huge chunk of business simply due to an efficient web design. Contemporary customers are constantly connected to the internet through a variety of hand-held devices, including smartphones, tablets, iPads, and so on. To efficiently connect with all of them, you need to provide them with an experience that is properly optimized for their relevant website. Make sure you test the responsiveness of your website using LT Browser.

Having a responsive web design makes it possible for you to make your website accessible to all, no matter the device they are using to visit it.  With the help of LambdaTest, you can easily test the responsiveness of your website across diverse screen sizes, and try to rectify the mistake as soon as possible if it is not found to be compatible with certain devices.

  1. Terrible navigation: One of the biggest issues due to which visitors tend to swift off from a website is bad navigation. No visitor wants to toil hard to navigate through a website. Having a navigation menu that is hard to find or understand would simply annoy the visitors can result in them leaving your website.  To avoid such an eventuality, it is vital that you ensure that all the navigational aspects of your website easily catches the eyes and is simple to understand. Modern online users believe in the swift delivery of information. If your website does not cater to this need, then they would simply look somewhere else.
  2. Slow loading pages: As mentioned in the above point, visitors today want to have fast access to information. Hence, if your website takes too much time to load, they won’t hesitate for a second to move to that of your competitors. If it takes more than 4 seconds for any of your web pages to load, then it is simply way too slow.  You can check how much time it takes for your website pages to load on diverse browsers through cross-browser testing platforms like LambdaTest. If this time is too high, then you must contact your developer at once to get the issue fixed.
  3. Unorganized information: A webpage that has information all over its interface would just confuse your online visitors. Hence, it is important that you place all the needed information on your website in a strategic manner, making it easier for the visitors to browse through it.  It shall be a good idea to have tabs at the top of your website that helps the visitors to move on to other sections and find details about your brand with ease.
  4. Too little information: Overwhelming the visitors with too much information that is not properly organized is bad. But so is providing them with insufficient details about your brand and its discerning offerings. To an extent, minimalism can prove to be a good design style for a website if it is executed properly. But even with this style, it is crucial to make sure that your website has enough information featured there to help the users to properly understand your brand and its purpose.  There are several websites that feature too cryptic content and leave the visitors to keep guessing in order to appear to be edgy. But this often tends to cause more harm than good. Modern customers are less likely to trust a brand that does not provide adequate information about themselves. Moreover, having just a couple of lines of text on the website without a proper direction will ultimately make the visitors lose their patience and look elsewhere for the services or products they need.
  5. No CTA: It is commonly said that a website without a call-to-action (CTA) is much like a road with traffic signs. If you do not have a CTA on your website, then your visitors may have to work hard to find the options they need. This can prove to be quite frustrating for them, especially if they do not have a good idea about where actually to find the needed information. Hence, you must have a professionally designed and strategically placed CTA on your web pages to help the visitors navigate seamlessly through it.
  6. Broken links: Backlinks, CTA buttons, internal links, and social media site links on your website must never send a user to an error page. Having to come across multiple broken links will only frustrate the visitors and develop a negative impression of your business in their minds. You must try to inspect all the links present on your website regularly. In case you find any of them not working, then you must take the needed steps to fix the problem fast.

It is important that you create a good-looking website for your website. It is more important that you create one that drives maximum conversions. Paying heed to the mistakes underlined above can surely help you to improve the performance of your website.

To effectively identify and solve issues related to text, icon size, image position, and layout of your website, you can always use LambdaTest. This platform helps in analyzing the visual appeal of your website and checking its responsiveness. You may even perform visual regression testing through this platform to make sure that the layout of all your web pages are perfect, as well as check if there are any bugs present there that can harm the performance of your website.

Your website would play a key role in defining your overall profit prospects in the contemporary environment; hence you cannot afford to leave any room for mistakes there.


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