6 Strategies to Get Customers for Your Tech Business in 2019


Congratulations, you’ve launched your tech business and are now ready to start taking on new customers. As a small business, you can provide a more personal service to your clients, making you more attractive than larger businesses.

But there’s just one problem… you need to grow your business so that prospects can actually find you.

Here are 6 strategies you can use to get customers for your small business in 2019.

Use Your Network

This strategy is very powerful and it’s totally free. By using your network, you can generate word of mouth and gain valuable referrals. According to a study by Nielsen, 92% of buyers trust the opinions of people they know.

With existing customers, keep them satisfied even after they have signed the dotted line; fill their inboxes with relevant content and listen to any feedback they may leave about your product, service or systems.

This also shows that you value their input. This increases loyalty to you and your brand, meaning that not only will they be more likely to continue to buy from you, but they are also going to refer you to their own social and professional networks.

When you put the customer first, you earn their trust and respect. Leverage your network and gain referrals.

Expand Your Network

This is something that Natalie MacNeil of She Takes On The World is very fond of.

While utilizing your existing network is great, there are only so many people that they can recommend you to. Therefore, by continuing efforts to expand your network yourself, you can open your business up to a whole host of new leads.

To grow your network of contacts and potential customers, you need to attend events that are relevant to your industry, become a member of an organization and form partnerships with others.

For example, you could share your thoughts and expertise at a speaking event. This doesn’t have to be at an international level – something local is just as great for growing your reputation in your area.

Performing well can then take you to bigger and greater opportunities that get your brand in front of more people.

Content Marketing

Along with referral marketing, content marketing is extremely effective for getting customers for your small business in 2019.

Your business may already be publishing content but unless it’s high-quality and relevant to what customers are actually searching for, you are missing out in a ton of new leads.

Think of it like this: no search volume = wasted time.

So, start with a tool like the Search Engine Journal to find topics that your customers want. Once you have the topic, use SEO techniques to include relevant keywords in the content so customers can find it from their searches.

However, content marketing can only be useful when there is a plan in place. According to Digital Authority Partners, only 37% of B2B businesses have a content marketing plan.

These businesses are often wandering in the wilderness without a clue on the next step to take so ensure a clear plan is in place.

Free Trials

It’s no secret that some people are looking for free stuff. So why not offer free trials of your product or service to reel these customers in? If they are satisfied, it won’t be long until they convert into fully paying customers.

Free trials show to customers the value you offer right now so that later on, they can continue to take advantage of it.

Plus, at the end of the trial, you can collect information to make any improvements that customers feel need to be made. This type of marketing is known as data-driven marketing.

According to ComboApp, businesses that use data-driven marketing are 57% more effective and productive at delivering positive ROI through their work.

Offer great service and value and it’s likely that you can get new paying (and potentially loyal) customers for your small business.

Case Studies

This is a strategy for service-based businesses. Offer your service for free in exchange for a case study that can be used to attract more business on your website.

This works well because new prospects can see how your service affects business in real-life, rather than just claiming that it works. And obviously if it works, that customer is going to be happy and go on to recommend you to others.

Furthermore, by exchanging your service for a case study, you can get great feedback from the customer and gain their trust.

According to Healthcare Weekly, one of the biggest reasons that businesses fail is because they ignore their customers. While this article talks specifically about healthcare startups, the problem casts a much wider net and affects every industry.

Use case studies to gain insights from your customer.

For example, if your business fixes cars, partner up with a member of the automobile industry and offer them a free service in exchange for a review. This will increase your exposure and bring new customers to your business.


This final strategy to get customers for your small business is by using analytics tools to analyze customer behavior and improve the customer experience. You can also get a good insight into your customer base by using a heat map maker to visualize the data.

In terms of online activity, analytics will help you keep new visitors on your pages and viewing your content for longer, ultimately increasing conversions and keeping users satisfied.

For example, small businesses could use Google Analytics. Although it’s free to use, it has many functions that make it invaluable. It can also be connected to a range of third-party extensions if you subscribe to other services that can be used to monitor behaviors.

One way you can use it is by tracking your content and seeing which is getting the most attention. This content can then be promoted, updated and used as the main source of a link building campaign.


These 6 strategies will get your tech business more customers in 2019. Use and expand your network for referrals, invest time in preparing a content marketing plan, use case studies and free trials for feedback and building loyalty, and use analytics tools to improve customer experience. Not sure where to start? You can always work with a marketing agency as well. Here’s a great list.

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