5 Times Miguel Was A Hero (& 5 Times He Was A Villain)


The characters on Cobra Kai are among the most interesting in television right now as they switch allegiances quite often. It’s done in a way that makes sense as teenagers are usually quick to make snap decisions. There are various times throughout each season where some feel like the good guys to root for and then they act like the bad guys of the series.

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Miguel Diaz feels like the protagonist of the teens as he’s the first one audiences meet in the premiere episode. His journey is closely followed after Cobra Kai opens and he’s mostly who fans cheer for heading into the All-Valley Tournament. Still, he’s had some unlikable moments as well.

10 Villain: Jumping To Conclusions

Miguel Diaz on his phone

There’s a recurring theme on the show where people show up at the wrong time and jump to conclusions, which causes all sorts of problems. Miguel is often one of the guiltiest parties of this despite being a smart kid. A notable example was when he saw Robby having dinner with the LaRussos.

Instead of simply talking to Samantha about it, he immediately thought something was going on between them. It led to Miguel lashing out at Sam and ruining their relationship. He should’ve handled it the same way he did when he found out that Robby was Johnny’s son, as he addressed him about it like an adult.

9 Hero: Shows Mercy To Robby

Miguel chooses not to break Robby's arm

The school fight during the season two finale is arguably the show’s greatest scene. Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do students brawl all throughout their school and pair off into battles that viewers wanted to witness since the show began. Among them was Robby fighting with Miguel.

In the end, Miguel technically wins out. He has the opportunity to break Robby’s arm but remembers what sensei Lawrence taught him and shows mercy, letting up. It ultimately costs him as Robby then springs up and kicks him over the guardrail, leading to Miguel losing his ability to walk for several months.

8 Villain: Being A Bad Boyfriend To Tory

Tory walks up to Miguel

To be fair, Miguel isn’t a horrible boyfriend to Tory. He’s not abusive, manipulative, or anything along those lines. However, it’s a shame that he doesn’t give her all of himself. Almost immediately, it becomes clear that his heart is still with Samantha, so he never gives Tory a real shot.

Even when they’re on a date at the same place as Robby and Sam, Miguel goes over to Sam to talk with her. During the school fight, which was caused after he kissed Sam at a party, Miguel even stops to tell Robby that Sam truly loves him, which is a messed up thing to say about your ex-girlfriend as she fights your current girlfriend.

7 Hero: Gets Back The Medal Of Honor

Miguel gives Robby the Medal of Honor

One of the saddest moments of season two comes when Cobra Kai vandalizes Mr. Miyagi’s old home. As part of their attack, they even go as far as to steal Mr. Miyagi’s Medal of Honor. It’s clear that this is crushing to Daniel and the rest of Miyagi-Do.

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Hawk was the one to steal it, doing so at the urging of John Kreese. Miguel had nothing to do with it but when he finds out that Hawk has the Medal of Honor, he beats him in a fight for it. Miguel returns it to the LaRusso home, leaving it with Robby, proving that he didn’t just do it to see Sam.

6 Villain: Escalates School Fight

Miguel fights Robby in school

The massive school fight begins when Tory goes on the loudspeaker and calls out Sam. She wants revenge on Sam for kissing Miguel and she strikes first, starting a fight. Everyone is just watching this at first until Robby runs over and attempts to separate them.

Miguel shows up, again at the exact wrong moment, and sees Robby with his hands on Tory. Immediately, Miguel assumes this meant he was hitting her, so he tackles Robby. That is exactly the thing that triggers everyone else’s inclusion into the fight, escalating it to the next level.

5 Hero: Stands Up To Bullies

Miguel after fighting off bullies

In the show’s first episode, Miguel gets jumped by Kyler and his friends until Johnny steps in and takes them out. That’s what makes Miguel want to take karate in the first place and sets the entire show in motion, as well as his relationship with sensei Lawrence. It’s one thing to fight back when you know how but it’s another when you can’t.

Even before he really learns anything at Cobra Kai, Miguel stands up to Kyler and his friends. That includes a confrontation at school and one at the Halloween dance where Miguel takes a vicious beating. It’s a brave, heroic thing to do.

4 Villain: Shows No Mercy In All-Valley

Cobra Kai Miguel against Xander

While the season two finale saw Miguel display a show of mercy to Robby, the opposite happens in the season one finale. During the All-Valley Karate Tournament, Miguel and Robby make it to the finals. During the semi-finals, Hawk injures Robby’s shoulder.

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As they clash, Miguel decides to go after the injury. Johnny is visibly upset at this for two reasons. He doesn’t want to send Cobra Kai back to the days of Kreese leading it and he’s worried about his son. Still, Miguel declares “no mercy” and wins by again attacking the shoulder.

3 Hero: The Cafeteria Fight

Miguel stands tall in the lunchroom

After a classic ’80s style montage where Miguel learns karate and becomes much better at it, he puts those skills to good use. Sam is arguing with Kyler in the school lunchroom because of the lies he spread about her. She looks ready to punch him but doesn’t have to.

Instead, Miguel steps up to Kyler once more and uses his new abilities. He proceeds to take out Kyler and all of his goons on his own. Not only does he beat them up and stand up for Sam but it gets recorded and goes viral, prompting people to sign up for Cobra Kai.

2 Villain: He Hit Sam

A lot of Miguel’s worst moments come because of his problem with jumping to conclusions. The aforementioned occasion where he assumed Sam was romantically involved with Robby led him to get drunk at a party the following day.

That put him in an even worse state of mind when Sam arrives alongside Robby. It sends Miguel flying off the handle. He confronts them and shoves Robby. As he tries to strike again, he accidentally levels Sam. It marks the conclusion of their relationship until the end of season three.

1 Hero: Overcomes Injury And Fights Back

Robby kicking Miguel over the railing at school leads him to severely injure his back. He spends the first half of season three either in the hospital or trying to recover as he no longer has the use of his legs. That’s the most harrowing thing anyone on the series has had to deal with.

Like a true hero, Miguel suffers through it and comes out on the other side. Even when things are at their darkest, he manages to overcome it all. In the end, he can walk and even does well enough to fight off Kyler in the finale.

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