5 Things to Know About Microsoft Azure


There are several different well-known cloud-based computing services. For instance, there is Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, and AWS, or Amazon Web Services. However, we’re going to spend some time on a different one: Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft has come out with many useful products over the years, and Azure is one of its more popular ones. There’s plenty you can do with it, and the company continually modifies it based on customer feedback.

Let’s dive right into a brief crash course on Microsoft Azure.

It’s Second Only to AWS

Whether you’re managing IP addresses in Microsoft Azure or any of the myriad of other things people do with it, you’ll know that you’re in good company. Azure is second only to AWS with how many people use it at the moment.

It’s available to:

  • Government agencies
  • Developers
  • Businesses

When you learn how to use it, you should know that you’re getting a quality product backed by one of the most powerful computing names. If you have any questions as you go, there’s a thriving online group that you can ask any query you have.

If you Google “Microsoft Azure forums,” you’ll find dozens of hits.

You Can Use It to Help You Build an App or Website

If you need to build an app for your business, then Microsoft Azure is one of the top platforms that you can use. Azure has both storage and other integrated services. You can use these as the building blocks that enable you to:

  • Build an enhanced WordPress site
  • Build a basic NodeJS site where you don’t have to configure the underlying Linux or Windows server

When you use it, you don’t have to worry about the reliability or security of underlying infrastructures.

You Don’t Need to Buy Hardware When You Use It

If you’re thinking about Microsoft Azure benefits, probably the biggest one is that when you use it, you or your company does not have to maintain, configure, buy, or repair any hardware if you want to run cloud-based workloads.

The cost of that hardware alone is enough for you to at least consider this as an alternative.

There are also several indirect costs that you don’t need to worry about if you start using Azure. For instance, you save on renting the physical space where you would need to house any servers that you’re using. Also, you save on the hefty electrical bill that you’d rack up running those servers day in and day out.

Azure Won’t Fail Unexpectedly

Another key selling point with Azure is that since it has all-virtual resources, you never have to worry about it crashing. That can happen with physical servers. Then, you lose time waiting for the repairs to take place.

All virtual hardware resources can scale down and up when you need that to happen. Physical ones can’t do that.

That means, if you have an Azure-based website, you’re ready at all times to deal with a sudden traffic influx. If your business runs a flash sale or something along those lines, you can be sure it will continue operating at full capacity.

You Can Be Sure of Your Privacy with Azure

If you’re concerned mostly with security, then Azure covers you there as well. When you use it, you can store client data and never worry about anyone compromising it. You can transfer data safely with it.

If you’re a prominent business entity and your clients trust you with million-dollar orders or highly sensitive data, then it will please them to hear that you decided to use cloud-based computing and Azure in particular.

Apart from all that, Azure allows you to design IoT devices if you want to get into that rapidly-growing field. You could use it to connect to online storage or database resources.

Azure is also machine-learning and AI-adaptable. These are two areas in which Microsoft already has a presence. If you plan on making products that are AI-infused, then Azure makes that process much easier for you.

Essentially, Azure remains a cutting-edge cloud-based computing option because Microsoft is so quick to update it. While AWS continues its market domination, Azure is hot on its heels.

If your company wants to go cloud-based for some of the reasons we talked about, then you should certainly look at Azure as one of the better possibilities out there. Whether you want heightened security, fewer money-draining servers, or more stable websites and apps, Azure might be the answer.

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