5 Things To Consider When Buying Ecommerce Hosting Plan


Let’s be honest– creating an eCommerce website is a hard nut to crack. It is something in which a business spends a lot of time, efforts and money. From choosing the domain name, optimizing keywords to search ranking, designing the logo, writing content and developing the site design, it includes a lot more. But do you know you are a missing a crucial aspect in it?

Well, it is an eCommerce Hosting Plan.

Certainly, it is important, still often taken for granted. When seeking an eCommerce hosting, you may come across with several names. It is important to do a comparison and look for the best eCommerce platform available along with the best hosting.

When looking for an eCommerce hosting plan, you can come across companies offering basic to pro or enterprise plans. The major difference between these plans are the features and the costs. Now the question is how to choose the reliable eCommerce hosting plan. So, let’s read out…

#1. Strong Security Features

Security is the most important aspect a customer looks while choosing the best eCommerce hosting plan. So, it is important to look for the plan that offers Secure Socket Layer Protections (SSL)and also opt for HTTPS that is quite secure compared to traditional HTTP. SSL certificate also affects the search ranking of a website. Even Search Engine Giant Google declared that the websites with SSL certificate will rank higher in the search results.

Also, these can protect all the crucial yet sensitive information of the customers including credit card information etc. Certainly, security features are very important and every user wants their personal information, payment gateways and lead pages fully protected.

#2. High-Performance Abilities

When choosing an eCommerce hosting plan, you have to look at its performance like traffic, site speed etc. The speed of the site is something you should never take for granted. If your site is crashing now and then or taking more than 2 seconds to load, you will be on the way to lose the conversion.

Make sure to look for the plans that offer high-speed add-ons. Remember, if your site is unable to handle the high-order volume, you will lose the most potential customers.

#3. Support your CMS Software and eCommerce

Certainly, your site looks attractive, but this is not everything. A function is also an important aspect to consider. Whether your site is made on a platform like Magento or WordPress, an eCommerce software can create wonders to make your job easier. To make things easier, make sure you are using software like Zencart or WooCommerce to ensure they are compatible with your eCommerce hosting plan.

#4. Intuitive Administrative Interface

This factor will impact your experience of managing your eCommerce website. This is one of the most important consideration to look at. However, it relies on the company you are operating as the interfaces and panels vary on the back-end to the large extent.

Some will be intuitive whereas others will be complicated. If you want a full administrative control, you should be able to see the error and log files so that you can track everything happening on the site. So, it is suggested to look for a company that offers cPanel web hosting.

#5. Robust Database Performance Potential

Maybe you don’t feel like that your online store needs a strong database performance but consider again. Remember, users are not just browsing your product but they will use your search bar to look for their desired products. The database of your website stores all your product information, making it easier for your customers to find your products. So, when planning to buy eCommerce hosting, don’t forget to add this point prior to making a purchase.

Wrapping the post

In the nutshell, there are many web hosting company that offers features different from one another. So, it is important to find an eCommerce hosting plan that meets your needs. Make sure you consider the above points carefully when buying an eCommerce hosting plan to enjoy the win-win situation.

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