5 Gadgets for Teachers


When we hear of any new technology in our classroom, we get excited automatically to learn with the help of them. Teachers in today’s generation should be aware of the needs and interest of the students. It is important that they should keep track of the latest educational technologies as today even paper editing can be done with the help of modern-day gadgets.

So, going forward in this direction, the five modern gadgets that are actually a must have for the teachers in the modern generation are as follows:

Intelliboard: The era of the smart boards which used a projector and a board which was used both as a projecting screen and as a whiteboard, has gone.  The modern technology developed a user interactive board called the Intelliboard which is compatible with both mac and windows. The projector projects the images on the intelliboard which can be redesigned using a stylus or a mouse. This kind of intelligent boards is changing the whole concept of education and is making it more interesting as well as interactive. Numonics is currently making the intelliboard which are costly, but it is completely worth every penny.

Tablet: Tablets are a great alternative to the books. When it comes to reading there’s specific tablets to look out for, they come in all sorts of sizes which are all lightweight and portable. Tablets can carry many books at the same point of time which can reduce bag load as well as can release the pressure on trees which is made for the production of paper. A single teacher generally takes more than one class and carrying so many books for different classes will surely create a problem. A better alternative is Tablet which is hassle free and easy to handle at the same time.

Laptops: Laptops created various reform not only in the life of the tech guys but also for the teachers. Laptops are just more powerful versions of the tablet and hence can do more work with greater efficiency. From keeping mark records to attendance sheets, everything can be done in a laptop instead of using a paper-based register. This kind of change is good for the environment as well as it adds to sustainable development.

 Digital pen: Technology has advanced everything, from books to pen. Yes, Pens have a digital version now. Pens such as Wacom’s digital ink can do magic. Taking notes has become easier. It just moves on a surface, and the details of the writing are converted to text by AI which can be directly taken to a MAC based system.

Projector and Presenter: A projector and presenter works like magic in order to showcase a presentation in the classrooms. Teachers can easily use them for the interactive sessions. Apart from a projector, a presenter is also required in order to control the slides wirelessly. There are a variety of projectors available in the market while in the case of the presenter, Trust’s Presenter ranks the best and has an awesome quality as per the reviews. You can easily purchase the projector and the presenter online.

Teachers play an important role in a student’s life, especially in their educational stage. Learning becomes more interesting with the help of modern technologies. Modern educational gadgets help a teacher to reach out a large number of students at the same time. They help in making teaching and learning easier. Many a time when I faced difficulties on how to get my homework done quickly, these modern-day gadgets became my savior to get it done in less time.

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