4 ways to earn money playing World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft is one of the greatest MMOs out there and if you are player of this mighty game then you can earn really good money playing it. We know that it is very hard to earn the money but if you have commitment then we can tell you some very proven and tested ways to earn money playing World of Warcraft.

Gaming Blog

If you are one of those players who are very good at playing World of Warcraft and you know some tips & tricks which will help other players to improve their gameplay then blogging is the best option for you. These days blogging is at the peak and you can write about different things which you know and the majority of the people don’t. World of Warcraft is played by millions of players around the world and majority of them are looking on the web to find the good guides and you can write some really good guides for them using your experience.

Now the question is what you should blog? You can write about anything. Some popular topics are Gold Making Strats, Rep grinding Guides, Rare mount guides, rare pet guides, profession leveling guides and many more. You can use these guides to attract the WoW players to your website and then monetize your website to earn money by displaying Ads on your website.

Once you set up your blog and have a good number of visiting your blog every day, you can earn $$$ or even more by displaying the Ads. However, before monetizing your website you need to put a lot of valuable content on your website to encourage users to visit your website and spend time on it.


YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform and more than 1.3 billion daily visitors. According to one estimate, almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube and Gaming videos is one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube. If you are really good at WoW then you can start your YouTube channel and start showing off your skills to attract the viewers. If you have skills then people will definitely support your channel and these days you need an only viral video to get famous and if your video goes viral then you can get a lot of subscribers.

You can start with tips & tricks video guides and live streaming your gaming sessions. In the start, you will have to do some struggle as YouTube is a very competitive platform but if you are good, you will get the attention of the viewers. However, you need to be consistent with your videos and you will have to demonstrate some extraordinary skills to catch the eye of your viewers.

YouTube pays very good money to its content creators and you can start monetizing your videos once you pass the certain criteria of views and subscribers. To get the subscribers, you can share your videos on social media platforms like facebook, discord, etc where you can easily find and join the gaming community.

As most of the screen capture and live streaming software are available for free, you will not need to invest any money into these platforms. However, for youtube videos, we would recommend you to learn the editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final cut pro to edit your gaming videos. It will give you an edge over those channels who just put up the videos without any editing. Using software like Premiere Cut Pro or Final Cut Pro you can add some cool animations and filters to make your videos look good.

Selling In Game Items or WoW Gold

Another very popular method of earning money by playing World of Warcraft is to sell the WoW gold. WoW Gold is the main in game currency. In the game, after reaching level 70, players start earning huge amounts of WoW Gold, which you can sell to other players who are happily buying WoW gold for a good amount of money. This method will work only if you dedicate your time to the game and you will have to earn a lot of gold to start earning good money.

Twitch TV

Twitch TV is a live-streaming platform which is another very great platform after YouTube. On Twitch, you can earn a handsome amount, you can earn from 1 cent to $1 per view. The big streamers like Barret wang earn between $1000 to $10,000 per hour depending on the game he is playing.  Twitch allows you to make money in multiple ways, let us explain.

  • The first way is to get the viewers and join the twitch partner program where you will earn handsome money by showing the Ads on your live streams.
  • The second way is to ask your subscribers to support you. You can also set up your Patreon account where your subscribers can donate.
  • The third way to earn money is by selling your own merch to your subscribers. Most of the subscribers would happily support you depending on your content.

Bottom line

If you are good at what you do then, sky is the limit. We have shared the 4 effective methods which you can use to earn money playing World of Warcraft. You can also try your luck on all of the platforms we mentioned in this guide. Remember, method 1,3 & 4 are the long term methods and if you are looking for short term method then it is selling the WoW Gold. There are many third-party sites out there where you will find a lot of buyers who would want to buy WoW gold. If you have any questions, please do let us know in the comment section below. Also, visit our website for more useful guides.

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