4 Easy Tweaks to Increase Likes for Instagram Ads


Most of the people who are new to Instagram have the wrong impression that paying for ads will bring them extraordinary numbers of likes. Some of them invest large sums of money just to get the attention of some of the 1 billion users who log onto the network every month.

If that is your case, and your posts barely get any likes in spite of throwing your money at them, here is what you need to change to increase likes for Instagram ads:

Post One Story Every Day

Instagram Stories are fun to watch and easy to use. They give you the opportunity to showcase your latest photos or products if you sell any. You can even use an Insta Story to interact with your followers and engage users in conversations, polls and voting contests.

Unfortunately, Instagram Stories only last 24 hours. From the minute you start one and up to the second when its 1-day life is over, you can add continuously to that story and keep your followers up to date with more news, photos or the progress of your business.

Each Instagram Story you post appears on Instagram’s Explore page which people can browse for new content. If you want to get more likes from Instagram ads, you need to post one story per day, every day. This strategy will make you look fresh and active to both your followers and users that are new to your profile.

Publish Ads Depending On Your Followers’ Behavior

For this tweak in your strategy, you will need to use two of the most efficient tools that Instagram offers. One of them is the collection of Analytics Tools that lets you see when your followers are online, and so when they are most likely to view your Instagram ads.

Knowing your audience is essential to your success on Instagram. Once you find out their behavior pattern with the Analytics tools you can make good use of another crucial instrument, which is the Ad-Schedule feature. This option enables you to schedule your ads ahead and make them appear on your followers’ feeds as soon as they normally log on to the platform.

Do Not Spam Your Audience

Now that you know a bit more about your audience, you might think that all you need to do is send tens of ads their way and wait for a reasonable return on your investment. Unfortunately, that perception would be wrong. This step is where many people fail in their strategy by spamming their followers with endless strings of ads.

When you schedule ads, Instagram lets you choose between various demographic data like age, gender, and interests, etc. You can find the ideal ad-publishing level by using the campaign configuration tool on Facebook. Here, you can tweak around with demographics as long as you keep your selection in the middle between a specific following and a broad audience. This way, you will know exactly who to target and how to advertise to them without appearing like spam.

Use Free Tools to Boost Your Ads

One reason for which you struggle to get likes for your Instagram ads is that your content is not that attractive. Using only the basic filters that the app offers you will not get you many supporters.

You can increase the likes of your Instagram ads by using free tools like InstaGrowing, Wordswag, Typorama, and VSCO where you can add a bit of charm to your photos. And if that does not work either, you can always buy Instagram likes like all big companies do and watch your popularity sky-rocket through the roof.

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