3 Ways to Catch a Cheater


Are you afraid that your wife or husband could be cheating on you? Try to find out if your suspicions are true, starting with these techniques:

Look into Their Social Media

It is illegal to access your spouse’s social media accounts without their knowledge; that would be an invasion of privacy. But, even if they try to hide things, you can still find out a lot about what they’ve been up to, based on posts and everyday interactions on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.

Has your wife or husband been tagged in pictures with people you don’t recognize? Were they out somewhere they say they never went? Are there questionable comments that they or someone else have left on posts?

Check Unknown Phone Numbers

The same invasion of privacy issue comes up with your partner’s phone; you should not go through it without their permission. But if you see an unknown phone number appear multiple times, there’s nothing stopping you from noting that number and looking it up to see who the person behind it might be.

With an online reverse phone lookup, you simply enter the full area code and phone number, and the database will pull up all available public records information associated with that number. This could include the owner’s name, where they’re located, and other contact information. Knowing who’s behind all the secretive calls or texts can go a long way toward proving your suspicions.

Talk to His Friends

If your spouse has been cheating on you, odds are they have confessed it to at least one of their friends. You can’t just come out and ask those friends about it—it will just put people on the defensive, and they could tell your spouse that you’ve been snooping. The best approach is to make your husband or wife’s friends your friends.

It won’t necessarily be easy to get this confidante to admit anything to you, and it will likely take some time. But many people feel guilty knowing about things like cheating, especially if they start to feel close to you as well. Before you know it, they’ll tell you the info you need to know. (Or maybe not…it may not be true, after all!)

One or all of these approaches can give you the proof you need to catch your husband or wife in the act of cheating. With that evidence in hand, you can confront your spouse and finally bring the truth out into the open.

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