120fps Support Has Been Added to Warzone on Xbox Series X But Not PS5


Activision and Infinity Ward have yet to announce why the faster framerate has come to Warzone on Xbox Series X and not the PS5.

One of the hottest new features for the newly released consoles is the addition of 120fps support. Not everything will support the higher framerate, but the consoles can support it if need be. Recently, Infinity Ward has quietly added 120fps support to Warzone on Xbox Series X and not the PS5.

After the latest patch notes were released that didn’t mention the new feature, players first started to notice the change a bit later once they were able to bit it up on their new Xbox Series X.

Not only did players begin to notice the change in-game, but the Microsoft Store listing for both Modern Warfare and Warzone mention 120fps support.

Digital Foundry has tested the new update and can confirm that the game targets 120fps on the Series X. The battle royal mostly hits somewhere between 100 and 120fps.

Digital Foundry also ran some testing for the PS5 version of Warzone. They found that the game is still limited to 60fps on it.

Warzone is technically a PS4 game running on the PS5 via backward compatibility. It could possibly require a full port to PS5 in order for 120fps support to be enabled.

Eurogamer reached out to Infinity Ward and Activision to get some clarification, but neither company has gotten back to them to explain why one next-gen console received the faster frames.

As this is one of the defining features for both of the newly released consoles, I would hope that either Activision or Infinity Ward would shed some light on the situation. I would have to believe that support would come to the PS5 as well, but we would have to have some confirmation first.




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