12 of the best MMO games for iOS and Android (2020)


Good MMO games for mobile devices have become increasingly sought after over the last few years. A big reason for this popularity spike is the fact that nowadays, developers can create large and immersive console-like games, due to the advanced hardware present in modern phones and tablets. Thus, most of us can enjoy such games, as all you need is the phone in your pocket.

Not sure what “MMO” games are? Well, let us explain. MMO is an acronym for “Massively Multiplayer Online”. As such, MMO games always put you in an environment where you can interact with many other players. You can gather up in parties and guilds, go raid a dungeon, complete quests, slay bosses, or face off against other players in glorious PvP (Player vs Player) combat.

Sounds good? If yes, feel free to check out our recommendations below. This list contains the finest MMO games currently available for iPhone and iPad (iOS), as well as Android phones and tablets!

Rangers of Oblivion

Price: Free (with IAP)

Fans of the Monster Hunter series will be happy to know that a solid alternative for mobile exists, and its name is Rangers of Oblivion. Team up with other players or choose to face the hundreds of beasts and monsters out there alone, in this epic MMO RPG. The game features real-time combat and a large world full of treasures and activities, as well as over 10 unique game modes.

Master 6 unique weapon types: Greatsword, Lance, Longbow, Twin Blades, Staff, and Armored Gauntlets. Hunt, slay, and loot monsters to forge stronger equipment and take down tougher and tougher foes.

Evil Lands

Price: Free (with IAP)

Evil Lands is a fantasy MMO RPG with surroundings that resemble those seen in The Elder Scrolls games, namely Oblivion and Skyrim. Aside from the pleasant visuals and music, and the variety of medieval-themed maps, players can enjoy a cooperative mode and a PvP combat mode.

After you choose what kind of a hero you wish to be – a warrior, sorceress or assassin, you immediately start playing without having to sit through lengthy tutorials, as the controls are standard and intuitive. Explore the magical environments and dungeon-like forests where monsters lurk, in order to collect loot and upgrade.

World of Kings

Price: Free (with IAP)

There may not be World of Warcraft for mobile, but World of Kings is a fantastic alternative. Thanks to its massive open world with epic dungeons, and support for up to 25 players fighting together against a variety of powerful enemies, this is a highly addictive MMO RPG.

The game features thorough RPG elements and pleasant graphics, intuitive mobile-friendly controls and a wide variety of races and classes, even pets.

Arcane Legends

Price: Free (with IAP)

Arcane Legends has been around for a while, yet still has an active and loyal community of players. This fantasy action MMO RPG offers dungeon-crawling adventures, epic bosses, lots of loot to be found, and allows players to join guilds.

You can also collect and grow your own in-game pets, play PvP against other gamers, or play together in co-op mode. Arcane Legends is also among the easier games to run on this list, meaning you should be able to enjoy it even on a low-end budget tablet.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Price: Free (with IAP)

Ragnarok M is a heavily stylized anime MMO RPG based on the 2002 Ragnarok Online game. It features plenty of classes to choose from, and a well-rounded RPG gameplay that’s also fairly friendly to new players. Fans of classic RPG games will be particularly happy with how Ragnarok M looks and plays.

Lineage 2: Revolution

Price: Free (with IAP)

Based on the PC MMO Lineage 2, the sheer scale of this title truly makes it stand out. Its open-world combat mode allows for up to 200 players to fight in real-time, while there are also 20 vs 20 and 50 vs 50 competitive gaming modes. 

Players can also gather large parties to raid bosses, while exploring the huge world. If you’re playing with your friends or find anyone that you like online, you can create clans and guilds too, in order to make grouping and raiding easier.

You can pick from several different character classes and races, such as Human, Elf, and Dwarf. This game is also powered by Unreal Engine 4, so if you love pretty visuals, you won’t be disappointed.

AdventureQuest 3D

If you’re looking for an MMO RPG that you can enjoy with all of your friends, then definitely give AdventureQuest 3D a try. This game offers cross-platform support between Android, iOS, and PC, meaning that you can team up with anyone, even if they’re using a phone, tablet or computer.

Funnily enough, AdventureQuest 3D actually started out as a 2D Flash web game, but this new take on the classic title reimagines it in 3D. The graphics remind us a bit of World of Warcraft, but with a cartoonish tilt. The title features everything you’d expect to find in a proper MMO – quests, raids, social features and PvP battles.

Old School RuneScape

Price: Free (with paid subscription options)
Download: Android | iOS

This wouldn’t be a proper MMO game selection without us mentioning RuneScape. The old-schoolversion of this all-time classic has now been made available on Android and iOS. What’s even better is the fact that you can play cross-platform. Whether you play on mobile or desktop, you’ll be playing on the same account, and the same game worlds.

As is the trend with most mobile titles, RuneScape is a free-to-play game, but there’s also a subscription plan that nets you a bigger world map, eight extra skills, more quests, and other bells and whistles not available in the free tier.

Order & Chaos 2

Price: Free (with IAP)

Gameloft’s Order & Chaos series are some of the most popular MMO games on the two mobile platforms, and for a good reason. The first game has served as an example of how great mobile MMOs can be, and its successor manages to take everything the first one did well, and build on top of it.

This game features an extremely large and immersive world, fantastic graphics, 5 races and 5 different classes to choose from, and all the necessities for a full fantasy MMO experience. If you’re going to try out only a single MMO on mobile, Order & Chaos 2 is definitely worth your consideration.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Price: Free (with IAP)

The Dungeon Hunter franchise is quite beloved in the mobile gaming world. However, in case you haven’t heard of it, let us introduce you to one of the most popular hack’n’slash titles to ever land on smartphones.

Dungeon Hunter 5 is not an MMO game in the classic sense of the term. Instead, it relies on co-op and asynchronous multiplayer, akin to other mobile titles such as Clash of Clans. During the single player campaign, you acquire different assets to place in your own dungeon for other players to raid. Your dungeon also includes an AI-controlled version of your own character, so if you’ve developed your base and character well enough, you might just fend off other players and protect your gold.

Other than that, the Dungeon Hunger 5 plays a lot like a classic hack’n’slash, with polished graphics and pretty entertaining gameplay mechanics.

Toram Online

If you’re into anime, Toram Online will definitely appeal. The different art style is far from the only thing that sets this game apart from the typical mobile MMO, though. First off, we have to say that Toram Online offers an incredible amount of customization options, so if you’re the type of person that loves to have a unique character, you’ll definitely appreciate all the cosmetic stuff crammed into this title. 

The flexibility of Toram Online doesn’t end there – the game features a classless system where you can create your own custom build and style of play, by combining different skills, stat attributes, and weapon types. Last but not least, the storyline is filled with cutscenes and dialogue, making it quite immersive. 

Rucoy Online

Price: Free (with IAP)

Last off, we have an interesting indie proposition. Rucoy Online might not feature the stunning graphics of Lineage 2, for example, but it can definitely be charming for nostalgia buffs that yearn to play something that resembles the SNES version of Legend of Zelda. The combat mechanics are pretty straightforward – you just tap on anything that you want to kill or interact with.

In addition to that, you have your standard leveling, skill, and loot systems. What’s interesting about this game is that you can instantly switch between the three available classes – Knight, Archer, and Mage. Sadly, Rucoy Online isn’t available on iOS at the moment.




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