10 Ways to Make Money from Internet and Apps


The Internet has served one of the best sources of knowledge in every field, and you need to have a smartphone where you can start using the internet in the form applications. Every mobile app has a particular motive or area of working. Many of them can be used to make money from them after a few hours of work.

Examples of some of the applications and websites which helps in making money

Start selling your pictures

Websites like shutterstock.com can assist you in finding good customers for your photographs. They will buy your pictures and if their customers started liking your photos with them.

Shutterstock pays you about 25 cents every time once your image is downloaded from their website. If you happen to earn about 500$, then 33 cents per download will be credited to your account, if you make about 3,000$, then the amount of income gets increased to 36 cents per download and if you managed about 10,000$ or more than Shutterstock allows you to have 38 cents per download.

You can read this post to know how to sell your pictures online.

Sell your old electronics for cash

If you are in need of quick money than an application like Decluttr application can help you with the same. Many people get irritated with the old electronics as they seek to buy out the updated version of their place.

Let’s see how you can prepare for the procedure:

  • Start scanning the barcode of your old DVDs, games, phones, books, CDs, tablets, etc.
  • Receive an instant discount offer for your stuff.
  • Try to mail in your stuff
  • After receiving your material can look for next-day payments too.

Look for cleaning your place and the best part is you can get paid for the same too.

Sell your old Books

Books are the assets for everyone. But if you have a habit of buying them regularly, then there can be a time when you have piles of the book at home. With the Bookscouter you do not need to do many things install the application and start selling your old books. Once you scan the barcode, the app allows you to have a look at about 20 companies repurchasing your books from you.

Once you look forward to settling for the best offer, you will be asked to fill information for the payment to be forwarded to you. Finally, the books are picked and shipped to the address of the company you have finalised the deal to buy back your books.

Take online surveys

The Swagbucks mobile application allows you to perform at your best and is a legitimate paid survey application. On downloading the app, you can start earning from day one and can get access through gift cards and can get cash credited to your wallet with everything that you do online.

Question is pretty simple and where do you go out to buy coffee for yourself and you can have about 5$ cash credited to you for just 30 minutes of work.

Swagbucks is one of the best money making apps that can pay you $1000 and more for completing surveys and different tasks from your smartphone.

Start selling your Comic books

If you have an extensive collection for comic books, then do check out Comicconnect.com Hosted and managed by Metropolis Collectibles one of the world’s biggest vintage comic books dealers. The application allows you to auction as well sell it off directly to the buyers too.

The website keeps a minimal amount of income with them and has the membership for everyone.

Sharing your shopping experience online

Harris Poll allows you to share your knowledge and insights and into the market research for about twenty years. If you love shopping online than you can earn money by helping many research companies for learning more about the shopping choices made by people. The companies use this experience for improving their shopping experience.

Please see below the three simple steps for signing up on Shop Tracker application and earn 3$ for the same:

  • Register yourself, and it will take hardly 3-4 minutes
  • Install the app on your device.
  • Earn rewards every month.

ShopTracker can catalogue only shopping data and doesn’t require you to enter your address or name and guarantees your security and safety of data on your device.


Poshmark is one of the applications that everyone wants to have it, and it works quite smoothly. Download the app on your smartphone and start with creating an account on their platform. The user needs to post to click and post the pictures of various fashion items and the things which are slightly used by them. If an issue gets sold and the buyers confirm the receipt, the Poshmark deposits the 80 percent of the amount into the account of the seller.

Entertain and earn money

Viggle is an application that credits cash in your account for listening to music and watching TV from your smartphone. You need to log in and check in with the Viggle button. Once you complete signing up, you will start earning points in your account. The user can choose to redeem these points at Best Buy, Starbucks and by various companies mentioned in the application too.


The software is designed for motivating people for exercising and getting paid at the moment. A person needs to register with the application, and he or she can look for proceeding by making a small amount of money while working out. The app allows receiving how much you have worked out and will pay you a small amount too, while can deduct the amount if you do not work out regularly. Once you have collected 5$, you can receive the amount transferred to your Paypal account and get credited to your account.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is found to be one of the novel application gathering information based on your valuable patterns and collecting marketing information for many companies. The person is allowed to take pictures for the bills they have received for making purchases. On submission of statements, you will be awarded virtual money which you can redeem for real cash too. Remember the application will credit 5$ for 1000 virtual coins and allows the user to submit 20 bills every month. The concept is practical and pure and can consider the same to earn money while sitting idle.

The ideas are great where you seem to be doing something small for the company the data collection is significant as they can use the same in their research purposes. You can earn good amount of money by using such money making apps.

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