10 things you didn’t know your Amazon Echo could do

Smart speakers use voice recognition to perform and control various tasks at home while you relax. You can control many home appliances via an intelligent speaker which makes the job of managing your home simple. For instance, you can command the smart speaker to perform online shopping, call a car, dim lights as well as turning down the thermostat.

Amazon Echo is one of the best selling smart speakers today, and it connects well with different home appliances. This device which uses artificial intelligence can perform wonders that you can never imagine. For a good reason, Amazon is the best smart speaker, and it consists of the following features: it is portable, and it acts as a personal assistant.

You may not be aware of the following ten things that Amazon Echo can do for you. Read on to get insight into some of these beautiful things that can make your life easy wherever you are.

Feed the dog

Amazon Echo can feed the dog through the app Alexa that runs on your Smartphone. The app connects Alexa to the dog feeder so you can tell it to feed your dog while you are away. The smart device can also regulate the amount of food that the feeder dispenses to the dogs while you are away.

Alexa functions as if you are around and you can also use it to command the dog to do some exercises. This smart device gives you peace of mind since it can do something that many people do not know.

 Alexa orders dinner and prepares wine for you

The smart app can order a meal for a family from famous restaurants. You give it a voice command, and it will do everything for you. The other exciting thing about Alexa is that it can get recommendations for your wine after a meal. The app can link with your sommelier for your favorite wine.

You can use Alexa for exercise

If you think you need a good shape for your body, Alexa can guide you to exercise. It has more than 30 fitness workout related skills. It is also able to help you with yoga and guided meditation which is all good for your health. When you practice yoga, there are certain postures and poses that you should perform.

While other people can attend yoga classes for the same details about yoga exercises, Alexa can tell you what to do. The app is so intelligent such that it may appear as if you are dealing with an instructor while it is a smart speaker.

Helps you stay on the diet

The other beautiful thing about Alexa that you may not know is that it can help you maintain good food. You ask for a few words of support whenever you have a strong desire for something like beer or chocolate. The app can then talk you down about the dangers of engaging in such behavior. Alexa gives you some sensible phrases that help you to maintain a proper diet.

Amazon Echo can tell a bedtime story

Alexa can say to a bedtime story to your kid when you feel that you are dozing before finishing the story. You command it to take over the story, and it reads it to the kid. To make this possible, you need to register with the Bedtime website. You can then choose the stories that you would want Alexa to read for your child.

Alternatively, you can write the stories and the names so that it can quickly pick them. You do not need to read a bedtime story to your kid every time since you can give Alexa a command to so. Your child may never notice the difference until a specified period.

Alexa wakes you up to good tunes

The most exciting thing about the Amazon Echo that you do not know is that it can wake you to your favorite tune. Instead of setting the alarm to wake you up, you tell Alexa to play your favorite song precisely the time you should wake up.

You can also tell Alexa to play music to mark the beginning of a specific occasion. For example, when it is time for homework, Alexa may remind you through playing music requested earlier on.

Alexa calls a car for you

When you are ready to go to the airport, Alexa calls the vehicle for you. However, you can use this facility when your Lyft skill on Alexa is connected to your Lyft account.  The app automatically makes the payment when Alexa calls the car, and the driver knows exactly where to find you. The app is suitable for older adults or young people who spend most of the time alone.

Play games with Alexa

The other exciting thing about Alexa is that you can play games with it. There are different games that you can play Alexa. You give it a command, and it opens up the game that you want to play. You can go to Amazon Alexa Skills and ask it for top skills so that you can play with it the game you want.

You can check your parent with Alexa

Alexa can open a conversation channel with your mom or dad if they too have an Echo device. The exciting thing about this facility is that you can chat with mom as if you are in the same room. However, it is essential for little setup to ensure privacy. You need to create a profile so that you chat with the right person. You can check list of games here that you can play with your smart speaker.

Alexa helps you to get a flight fast

You only need to enable the Kayak such that you can ask Alexa to book you a flight to your preferred destination. Alexa can also book a trip according to your budget. It is easy and fast to use, and some travel agents use this particular skill. It is time-consuming to search for a flight, but this specific skill makes life easy for you. Click here to find the best smart home speakers.

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