10 Potentially Incredible Spin-Off Ideas


The expansive world is one of the things that Breaking Bad does better than most shows, and there are so many parts of Breaking Bad that shows how much depth there is and how much thought is put in to the world. But, often times those things only get shown off for a couple of scenes.

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This move by the writers is bittersweet, as it leaves viewers’ imaginations spinning. But at the same time, there’s so much more that could be explored. The same goes for characters too, as the are so many layered, extreme, and absurd characters crawling around Albuquerque that have so much depth that they deserve their own Better Call Saul-esque spin off.

10 Procedural Courtroom Drama With Chuck

Chuck McGill in Better Call Saul

Being played perfectly by Michael McKean is one of the reasons why fans love Chuck, and there has never been a more interesting lawyer seen on TV than Saul’s brother.

Sure, Suits is fascinating and addictive in a soap opera kind of way, and Law & Order has some great characters, but Chuck leading a procedural courtroom drama where he has to deal with a new case each episode would be incredible. For proof that it’d be great, look no further than the courtroom room battle between Chuck and Jimmy (which is why season three is one of the best seasons of Better Call Saul).

9 Inner Workings Of Madrigal

With Madrigal almost acting as a middle man between the cartel and Gustavo Fring’s empire, the giant conglomerate is a veil hiding the truth. It’s one of the most interesting pieces of the world of Breaking Bad and it’s riveting to see the inner workings of a sketchy billion dollar company.

What would be fascinating to see more of is the moral ambiguity of the honest Madrigal employees who suspect the company of being a cover for something highly illegal, and how the higher-ups deal with those employees.

8 Badger And Skinny Pete

Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad are both full of humorous scenes, much more than any other crime drama in fact, but a spin-off about Badger and Skinny Pete would be an almost outright comedy.

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The hijinks that the two characters get up to might not seem like the best idea for its own show, as it works perfectly as the comic relief in an increasingly emotionally exhausting show, but both characters have had their deep moments on the show too. This could be explored further, and it’d make for a great bromance.

7 Gale’s Origins

Being Walter’s temporary lab assistant, Gale is the finest example of a secondary character with a whole well of depth. Gale had an incredibly layered personality with a lot of unique and obscure interests that makes him who he is.

Though viewers didn’t get too deep in to Gale’s background and how he got to where he is, a spin-off that explores his history would make his demise that much more tragic.

6 Kuby And Huell

Kuby has been surprisingly absent in Better Call Saul, but Huell has shown up on a few occasions, and though it’s great to see the big guy back, it’s impossible to ignore that he’s missing his partner in crime.

Kuby and Huell, though their first appearances on the show were separate, quickly became inseparable. The writers cleverly noticed that the characters work best together, as they act as Saul’s minions and do odd jobs for criminals dotted around Albuquerque, and that needs to be expanded.

5 Neil And Casey

Breaking Bad

The villains of Breaking Bad got better and better over time, and even when the show ended, it continued to bring incredible antagonists to the screen through spin-offs. Ignoring the fact that this would be a spin-off of a spin-off movie, as they are only seen in El Camino, it’s still completely valid and would be totally anticipated by fans if it was announced.

Neil and Casey are the two police imposters who get in the way of Jesse’s freedom, which immediately make them the most hated characters in the universe, but as they run a welding company and have ties to Jack Welker, it’d be interesting to see more of their status in the criminal underbelly of Albuquerque.

4 The Vacuum Shop

This is one of the most interesting of the possible of the spin-off ideas, as it’s one of the motifs in Breaking Bad that fans seen the least of, but one that would possible be the most fascinating of them all.

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As the vacuum shop is the doorway to a new identity, there have surely been a ton of interesting characters go in and out of the store with some crazy stories. On top of that, Robert Forster plays the vacuum store owner perfectly, and he’s such an incredible character actor that was totally underused in the show.

3 The Salamanca Cousins

Breaking Bad

Though they’re twin brothers, they are commonly referred to in the series as the cousins, and they are two of the best villains of the show. In season three, the cousins were seen crawling up hills and conducting themselves in all sorts of absurd ways.

The combination of the two villains having ambiguous tranquil rituals and at the same time being straight up hitmen could make for a visually soothing and morally shocking spin-off.

2 Old Joe And His Junkyard

Breaking Bad Larry Hankin Old Joe

Old Joe runs the junkyard and, just like the vacuum shop owner, he’s definitely had a seasoned criminal career and interacted with the worst and the deadliest faces of the desert.

And during his altercation with Hank when the DEA agent is trying to break in to the RV, viewers find out that the old man is extremely well versed in law. How he has so much knowledge of the subject is anybody’s guess, and there’s only one way fans could find out.

1 Mike’s Early Years

”Five-O” is one of the episodes of Better Call Saul that can be enjoyed on its own without having to watch the whole season, as it isn’t related to the story arc of the season and is completely set in the past, before Mike moves to Albuquerque.

The episode is the closest viewers have come to seeing Mike as the dirty cop they’ve heard so much about, and it’s the single best idea and the direction the universe should go in after the end of Better Call Saul. It could be set in the early years of Mike’s tenure as a cop, and as that was decades ago, it’d be a great period crime drama. And it could cast a great up-and-coming actor to portray a younger Mike Ehrmantraut.

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