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Epic villains are the ones who turn good stories into memorable ones. As always, viewers take the hero’s side in the hopes that the protagonist’s enemies are destroyed or strongly condemned by their vill actions and words. More often than not, evil characters from some of the fans’ favorite animation movies are notable for saying specific mean quotes that stick in everyone’s minds.

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Those quotes are part of the reason why these characters are as impressive as they are. Disney and Pixar have a long list of malicious cartoons that people will never forget, and they are just as important as the good guys in each motion picture.

10 “You Have No Idea What A Pleasure It Is For Me To Finally Beat You.” (Jackson Storm)

Pixar’s Cars 3 movie surprisingly performed better with critics and audiences than its predecessors. Here, Jackson Storm is a classic greedy villain, the main antagonist of this film. His character is introduced as someone nasty who starts off by saying that he is not interested in making any friends.

As Lightning McQueen’s rival, Jackson is arrogant and disrespectful towards him. His only goal is to win races and come out as the champion, no matter the cost. In the scene where he delivers this quote, he does so with a mean-spirited tone, in a sarcastic way towards his rival, who was simply greeting him.

9 “Do You Really Think Andy Is Going To Take You To College, Or On His Honeymoon? Andy’s Growing Up, And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It!” (Stinky Pete)

The popular sequel of the Toy Story phenomenon, released in 1999, was made for an entire generation who couldn’t get enough of kids’ favorite onscreen toys. In Toy Story 2, Disney introduced an evil, old character called Stinky Pete who seemed kind and a wise influence on younger toys.

But, the truth is that Stinky Pete was a resentful man who didn’t have anyone’s best interests at heart. Halfway through the movie, his solitary and pessimistic attitude prompted other characters to feel scared of hi,m and, at some point, he angrily turns to Woody to give him a very cruel “reality check” by saying this quote.

8 “She Will Be Mine Or She Will Burn.” (Frollo)

Some people call Frollo the best Disney’s villain ever created because he is definitely one of the scariest. Besides having a weird obsession with Esmeralda, he is also a repressed man who is kind of a creepy-looking person and rotten on the inside. Frollo is the corrupt antagonist of The Hunchback of Notre Dame movie, and he ends up doing all sorts of horrible and wicked things to try to get Esmeralda. Viewers also see him as a manipulative father to the hero of this story, and that just adds up to growing hate from fans.

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This quote is professed when Frollo is so driven by madness, that he’s willing to kill Esmerelda if she doesn’t agree to be his.

7 “You Are Mindless, Soil-Shoving Losers, Put On This Earth To Serve Us!” (Hopper)

Talk about some sinister soulless Pixar character. In A Bug’s Life film, viewers meet the terrible Hopper. He is a ruthless, violent, and cunning insect who scares every poor ant the movie presents by threatening them and considering them lower than dirt.

The only positive thing to say about Hopper’s personality is that he has some respect for his late mother, whom he promised that he would not murder his brother. Aside from this, he is the epitome of exploitative evil. Brutal in every single way, when he says this quote to a large group of ants, he is as intimidating for any kid watching as he could be.

6 “I Find Delight In The Gruesome And Grim.” (Madame Mim)

One of the oldest Disney villains that became widely famous through the movie The Sword in the Stone is Madame Mim. Because heartless villains are not all male characters, “Mad Madame Mim” is the main antagonist of this 1963 animated feature film.

There’s a subtlety about her and the way she speaks that is both frightening and unpredictable. She is a wicked, old witch who enjoys seeing others in misery. Plus, she’s not afraid to admit it. Thanks to her magical powers, Madame Mim sadistically makes people suffer. Isn’t that the epitome of evil? There’s no goal or purpose besides her sick, scary pleasure.

5 “Before The Sun Sets On Her Sixteenth Birthday, She Shall Prick Her Finger On The Spindle Of A Spinning Wheel And Die!” (Maleficent)

Followed by an evil laugh and sudden disappearance, Maleficent threatens the life of Princess Aurora in the fairytale The Sleeping Beauty. She’s an immoral queen who commands the forces of evil and desires nothing else but to destroy the royal family so she can rule her dark kingdom.

The moment she says this quote and curses baby Aurora is beyond scary, prompted only because she was left off the guest list to a party. Maleficent’s terrifying black physical look alongside her despicable bird freaked out every character in this scene and truly showed what a vicious villain she is.

4 “You Should Also Know That Everyone Runs From Shere Khan.” (Shere Khan)

There’s something about animal villains that make them much scarier than humans, and even more so by contrast with Mowgli, such a sweet character in The Jungle Book. As he and Rudolph faced Shere Khan unexpectedly, they suggest that they aren’t afraid of him.

That quickly changed when the tiger goes on to show them a little taste of what he can do, adding this terrorizing quote. Perhaps, because a tiger is just as dangerous in real life, when viewers saw this predator ready to attack, it feels very relatable.

3 “Well, It’s Time Ursula Took Matters Into Her Own Tentacles!” (Ursula)

A chilling villain featured in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Ursula has one of the scariest looks, ever and her physique is so strange that she can immediately intimidate anyone. Apart from that, her speech is always sneaky and clever, and she is incredibly powerful thanks to her special potions and manipulative tactics to get what she wants.

One can never forget the scene where Ursula’s incredibly creepy polyp garden of souls is shown. Poor Ariel was about to become another victim of hers. But when Ursula senses that Ariel and Prince Eric are about to kiss, she decides to solve the situation and this quote is, by far, one of the most petrifying moments of the movie.

2 “Poison Them, Drown Them, Bash Them On The Head. Got Any Chloroform? I Don’t Care How You Kill The Little Beasts, Just Do It, And Do It Now!” (Cruella)

Cruella De Vil may be the evilest villain there is; she’s a completely crazy woman who wants to murder puppies—in all twisted ways!—for their fur, in the movie 101 Dalmatians. But, killing innocent puppies has got to be the meanest of the crimes ever, period. As most viewers remember, Cruella goes as far as kidnapping almost 101 dalmatians with the help of her two assistants.

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In the ranking of villains, this psychopathic character has got to make it to the top. When she harshly says these quotes, she proves how dreadful she can be and audiences cringe at the thought of her wishes coming true.

1 “This Is Exactly How Your Father Looked Before He Died…” (Scar)

This quote is one of the scariest ever told by a movie villain for any 90s kid out there. In context, The Lion King film was one of the first animated pieces to ever-present the brutal death of a huge character (Mufasa). Also, when Scar professes these words to Simba right before he seems to be assassinated, fans could not help but get a notch in their stomach as his evil nature didn’t let him feel any remorse for his previous actions. It’s a heartbreaking and scary moment for Simba and for the audience to see how a relative could be so diabolical.

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