10 Car Technologies We’re Thankful For

It is hard to imagine a world without vehicles. This mode of transport is the most used on a daily basis to move from one place to another. Buying a car is relatively expensive, but every family strives to own at least one vehicle. Vehicles manufacturers, on the other hand, are determined to increase the comfort, safety and usability of vehicles to meet the increasing demand for sophisticated automobiles. Aftermarket devices like Eyeride routers, GPS and touchscreen multi-use devices are also common additions to vehicles. Out of all the best technology in cars, here are 10 innovations that we are the most thankful for.

Automatic Lift Gate

This is a handy feature you will still not find in many vehicles today. Those who are lucky enough to have bought a vehicle equipped with this feature know how useful it is to use when you approach the vehicle with shopping bags or luggage. It is indeed a great advancement from the annoying foot-activated lift gates, which mostly failed after a few kicks.

Keyless Entry

Drivers no longer have to carry keys that hardly fit in their pockets. With a simple and small transmitting device in your pocket, you can just open the door of your car and start the engine with the press of a button. It is very convenient to have keyless technology available.

Cruise Control

You can also call this technology adaptive cruise control since that is what it does. It almost seems like magic to drive a car with this feature down the highway. It ensures that your vehicle does not get too close to those in front of you to reduce chances of collision. However, this feature has to be switched on manually with a button.

Anti-Collision Technology

Safety is a major concern for every driver. This technology equips a vehicle with sensors that can detect objects from a distance and start braking the car automatically. In addition to saving drivers and passengers from accidents, pedestrians and animals are also saved. However, this feature is not guaranteed to prevent every accident.

ABS Technology

The aim of ABS is to decrease the bring distance, avoid skidding and increase stability. The sensors can detect which wheel out of the four will need to brake more or less and apply the necessary force. The overall experience is 10 times better than using a car without ABS.

GPS Navigation

Gone are the days when people had to make numerous stops to ask for directions. GPS navigation systems include comprehensive road maps and the capability to give driving directions. They are connected to a GPS sensor to detect where you are.

Driving Modes

Probably, you have seen cars with different driving modes. In addition to the ordinary driving mode that we all know, we have off-road driving, eco driving, sports mode and many others. It may be hard to know how all these work since we just enjoy them through the convenience of a button, but it is great technology!

Parking Assistant

This technology is extremely popular. Parking is one of the hardest parts of driving and where many minor accidents occur. Thanks to technology, there is an easy way of parking now.

Massaging Seats

High-end cars are now available with massaging seats. They work to relax you as you drive the car. The passenger seats are even better because you can enjoy the massage while being driven.

Welcoming Lights

A while ago, this was only an aftermarket modification used by younger drivers. Today, people can easily customize their vehicles to welcome themselves as they open the door to get in. You can either have your name or a logo of anything to welcome you.

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